Meet Tyler Bolhuis



The beautiful video images of White Wolf and the Ash Princess” are courtesy of my video-guy/nephew, Tyler Bolhuis. This kid would get me so jealous with his texts saying he was out getting TREE footage. Treeeeeeeees!!! Who wouldn’t want to zip around Battle Creek gawking at trees? Tyler was amazing! He spent hours and weekends driving looking for just the right shot for me. Most of the pines that you see in the video are from his “top-secret location”. It made me super excited to hear that the secret spot was Kellogg’s Forest in Augusta. My parents home is just a road over. My brothers, sister and I would ride our bikes there and explore the trails for hours. It was, and still is, one of my favorite, local places to “be with the trees.”

My brother raises a hand and shakes it in the air without turning around. It makes me laugh. birch leaves in the summer shimmer in the sun when the wind whispers through them.Tyler had a second surprise for me hidden in the video. BIRCH TREEEEES! Watch for them after the break in Rob’s song. After the dark fade…BAM…there they are waving in the breeze. EEEEEEK!!! This beautiful feature of the birch can also be found in the last chapter of White Wolf. Do you remember reading this scene? Thanks, Tyler, for bringing this to life for us to see!

What an amazing opportunity to work with this guy and get to know my “T” better. No luck loosing your nickname, Tyler. Old habits die hard! I will always see you as that cute, little blonde kid with the killer-cute smile. *stands on tip-toe to pinch not-so-little Tyler’s cheeks* Thanks, nephew, for helping out your little ol’ auntie!

So everyone…come meet Tyler and hear a little about the video making process.

Hey, Tyler! Welcome! Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself?

Hi there! My name is Tyler Bolhuis, I have graduated Kellogg Community College with my associates degree. I majored in Computer Engineering Technology as well as Criminal Justice and Creative Arts.  I currently live in the small city of Battle Creek, Michigan, which has been my home since I was little. I enjoy doing all sorts of things, from building computers to flying remote controlled aircraft.  I also enjoy taking time of out my day to enjoy nature, whether that be on a photography shoot or just getting out of town to get away from it all. On a career aspect, since I was little I always dreamt of becoming a police officer. The thought of doing something new every day, arresting bad-guys, making the public a better place and driving a cool car with lights and sirens sounded amazing to me growing up. It wasn’t until more recently that I decided to embark on a new career path at Victory Life Church (VLC) here in Battle Creek. I never really expected a sudden career change, as I was on my way to the police academy in the fall of 2017, just completing their pre-enrollment phase. It is amazing to see how much plans can change in an instant, but this time it was for the better.


I love your page, BLUE Photography. How long has your page been up and how long have you been interested in photography?

Well, the name “BLUE” actually came out of a re-branding phase that I went through to make my photography page look more professional. The BLUE Photography page also features some of the recent graphic design work that I have been getting into recently, as well as some upcoming projects that I have planned later in the year. Since “BLUE” was a re-brand, my page before this rebranding was known as “TJB Photography”. The page itself has been online for a little more than 3 years, which isn’t too long, however, you can definitely see improvements to my photography game since I first opened my page. My interest in photography was first discovered as soon as I was able to get my hands on an iPhone 4, which was my very first “smart” phone.  I found through family that I had a natural “eye” for photography and decided a year or so later to invest in a nicer camera to shoot with. It wasn’t until 3 ½ years ago that I took a photography class at Kellogg Community College which helped further develop my skills as a professional photographer.  Ever since then, my interest in photography has only increased.


Do you have any other hobbies?

Yes! My other hobbies include (but are definitely not limited to); Computer/Video Gaming, Listening to music, flying remote controlled things (love flying in general), biking and a lot of other cool “geeky” things. I also enjoy doing other things as well, but I’m not sure they would qualify as “hobbies” as I do not get the opportunity to do them often.  


I hear your new job allows you combine several of your hobbies. Can you tell us a little about it and what you get to do?

Sure! My job at Victory Life Church in Battle Creek is one of the coolest job opportunities I’ve had so far. My title as the “Technical Director” basically means to oversee all of the production related things that may be required on a weekly basis. Things in my job description would include oversight of the lighting, sound, graphics, camera team, stage roles and so on. My primary focus is to ensure that all three of our current weekend services go smoothly, as planned, on schedule and without any distractions that may occur in our production booth.  Since a lot of planning goes into our weekend services, we also need to make sure that our mid-week or night services (like our 2ten ministry or awana nights) go well.  This all sounds super hard and boring, but when you love technology as much as I do and you’re good at troubleshooting things, it’s a lot easier than it sounds! I also love operating our lights during our weekend/student ministry services as it allows me to take a break from actually working and play a little.


It’s been so fun working with so many talented people…and now I get to work with another one who just so happens to be my nephew! Tell me about your experience making the video for White Wolf and the Ash Princess. Did you have visions right away on what you wanted the video to look like?  Or did you need inspiration first?

Thanks! Since I’ve done many videos like this in the past, it wasn’t too hard to get an idea of the storyboard and what I thought the trailer should look like or present to the audience. I had some ideas rolling around in my head as soon as I was asked take on the video/editing portion of the trailer, so I hopped onto YouTube and started listening to some cinematic pieces that would fall in line with the atmosphere in White Wolf and the Ash Princess. A lot of times when making a cinematic or video like this, I often go straight to music pieces to help inspire ideas further into reality by giving me time to really think over the location, time, weather, gear needed to make it happen and so on. I prefer to have music already chosen for a video, or set of videos, so that I already have an idea of what types of shots I need to make the rest easy and painless once it comes down to editing (since I already have most of the ideas planned out). So, in short, yes I did have visions of what I wanted the video to look like right away. The end result may have been not exactly what I wanted, but usually ends up being pretty close, if not better.


Can you explain the process of creating a video for us?

Absolutely. It can be fun, boring, exciting, frustrating but extremely rewarding all at the same time. Especially if you take your time and make it the best it can be, which is usually true with a lot of things in life. With videos specifically, it takes knowledge and a particular skill set that goes into creating a well thought out and organized video or cinematic. When I create cinematic videos, I usually decide right away on which type of cinematic I want it to be (either fast paced, slow or a combination of both that matches music type). In this case, it was harder as there aren’t as many moving parts as you would usually find in, for example, a video game. A video game allows you a magnitude of tools you would otherwise have to pay a fortune for, which makes it so much easier to get that shot you want.  After I decide which type of cinematic or video I want to make, I try to get an idea of the location(s) I want to shoot at.  A great location is one of the number one keys to making a great video, as it sets the tone for the audience and what you, the filmmaker, want to present. If you’re shooting a “nature” cinematic in your backyard with houses and people in the background, chances are that your audience is going to be confused with what your cinematic or video is actually about since there are so many other foreign objects in the scene. Just something to think about.  In the case of this trailer, my primary location of shooting was Kellogg’s Forest located in Augusta Michigan.  Kellogg’s Forest has a large variety of trees and brush, and since White Wolf and The Ash Princess is based in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula – it would make sense to try and capture that atmosphere as much as possible instead of capturing cornfields or farms. Moving on from location, another factor that goes into creating a video is the type of gear needed to get the shot you want. You should think about any purchases you need to make, how long those purchases will take to arrive, setup time, gear cost and so on. Luckily, all of my gear is readily accessible and I can grab-and-go in a moment’s notice thanks to several gear cases and organizational skills. Here’s a very short and summarized gear list of the things I used in making this video possible; Nikon D3300 (18-55mm Nikkor Lens), Canon XH-A1S (20x Fluorite Lens with Hood), Magnus VT-300 Video Tripod, Neewer Track Slider, Pergear Ball-Head, extra batteries/SD cards for both cameras, gear bag and camera sling that also had my Nikkor 55-200mm lens. My gear-bag also had a lot of other things I may have needed, such as my laptop, phone charger, water bottles and my lightweight jacket in case it rained. So, as you can see, gear is a huge factor in how your videos will turn out.  After you decide your cinematic type, location, time of shooting and gear, you’ll need to finally figure out how you’re going to edit your footage together and how the rest of your audience is going to see your work. I can’t really get into editing, because there is so much to each one of these topics, but I can tell you that you’ll have to find a good software to bring your ideas to life. I use a software called “VEGAS PRO” by Sony. I’ve used this software for a while, though it is not free like many good video editing software.  I also use Adobe Premier if needed, but I have the most experience in Vegas, so I try to stick with that. There are free options out there, but just know they do not have nearly the same amount of features for flexibility as a paid software like “Vegas Pro” or “Premier” can offer you.  After all of this, you’re ready to finally get down to shooting and creating your video!  It sounds like a long process, and while it is a long process, it usually goes a lot quicker if you know exactly what you want to shoot and how you want to shoot it. After you’re done shooting/capturing, you’ll go with editing the video and then finally being able to share it with the rest of the world. In summary;  You’’ want to first decide which type of cinematic or video you’re creating, then the location and time of day you want to shoot in, which also includes weather types (but we didn’t get into that much), gear list and video editing software.   There you go!  It’s a lot of work, but a lot of fun in the process. While this may not be the type of workflow you decide to go with, this is usually how I go about making a video.


Do you think you’ll try to do more of this type of work in the future?

Definitely, I would love to keep doing these shorter videos like this. I’ve done a few “real-world” videos before alongside my other cinematic videos I’ve done with video games or simulation software. Cinematography is one way to unleash my photography and videography skills.


What are your dreams and aspirations for the future? Do you see photography in it? Videography?

My dream, right now, would be to become a department head of our church’s creative/technical team. Since I’m already a “Technical Director”, I would one day love to operate a small team of individuals under myself that do exactly what I do, except I would have more of a leadership role and my skills and knowledge would be 10x that of what they are currently. So, in a way I can say that my dreams (career wise) definitely involve photography and videography as our whole creative team is responsible for those roles, which is super cool!


How was it working with your aunt? LOL! And what were your thoughts when I asked you in on this project?

Horrible! Just kidding!  Working with family can sometimes be difficult, since you don’t really want to hurt their feelings, but you need to be able to be open with each other and listen to one-another’s ideas. Working with my Aunt has been great! We both had suggestions for one another, which helped me to think outside of my creative box that I put around me sometimes and we both respected each-other’s thoughts and opinions. When I first read that a trailer was something you wanted to do, my first thoughts were “Uhhh, okay?” Mostly because I don’t really do a lot of “paid” work and most of my projects are managed by myself. My mind automatically went to the completely opposite side of “trailer” that actually ended up happening. I was thinking about actors, plot lines, progression and so on… little did I know that a novel trailer is actually a lot more simple than a full on movie trailer. After I saw the ideas that you had, I was relieved as well as much more confident in myself in how I was going to go about doing it.


Do you have any words of wisdom for any of our readers who may be interested in the fields you are working in?

I always say; If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. If your “love” is something you could see yourself doing as a career, go for it! Our days are limited here on this Earth, spend those days doing something you love, with the people you love.

Thanks, Tyler! If you’d like to know more about Tyler and the services he provides, you can find him by clicking on his YouTubeFacebook, and Website. 


To see Tyler’s beautiful images in the YouTube video, “White Wolf and the Ash Princess”, please click “here”.



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