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Yikes-Mikes! This place is duuuuusty! Pardon me as I scramble around and tidy this place up just a wee bit. Cobwebs = spiders and although I’m getting used to the Daddy Long Legs that are EVERYWHERE up here in the Upper Peninsula, I don’t like all the other cubby, chunky, meaty ones that could be hanging about with them.  Yeah…bleck!! *Shudders* *manically wipes self off.* 😂

I’m so happy that you’re here regardless of what this place looks like and I’m thrilled that you chose to stop by! You’re welcome here ANYTIME! We have someone super special coming by today, too, and she should be here aaaaaany minute.

Man, what was I thinking?! I totally should have spruced this place up with a whitty post before everyone arrived, but moving with my family of five to Michigan’s U.P. has been a HUGE life change and adjustment. We bought a fixer upper to live in–a former headstart building, actually (yep, Chip and Joanna, we’re doin’ what you do on a tiiiiight budget 😂) and nooooo, we did not get our remodel done in an hour’s time.


But, hey, look–I’m still smiling about it. 😂

People have been telling me it’s all about the journey and not so much about the destination. It’s been four months and I can kinda see that ringing true. Watching our adventures on YouTube is pretty neat. It’s awesome growing and learning with my family. I can’t imagine going through this sea of change without them. You can see our progress as well as some pretty awesome views of the North Country without traveling a step by visiting my daughter’s YouTube channel, With Sisu.

Victoria is making her way over!! Wahoo! While we wait for her to walk in, let me tell you a little bit about her.

Victoria Lynn is in her 20s and if she’s not writing, she is probably sewing, singing, playing the piano, washing dishes, creating something with her hands, or learning something new. She has a passion for serving her Creator, encouraging others and being creative. She blogs at www.rufflesandgrace.com about writing, fashion, modesty, her walk with God and life. She lives in Michigan with her parents and 8 siblings.


Yeah. Tell me about it. She’s *star-eyes* stunning…and LOOK…she released something just as pretty.

When Beauty Blooms FINAL

I CAN’T wait to read this novelette!! This story sounds like it’s written just for me. It’s the story of a young woman with social anxiety and how she learned to bloom. Yeah. That’s totally me! 😂 The story also takes during the Revolutionary War.  In ENGLAND. Ooooo! *Claps* England AND historical! ♥️ Hang on a sec…let me read you a little somethin’ somethin’ to give you a clue as to what this pretty story is about…

Marjorie Kirk is a woman with no fortune, no prospects, no family, and no skills. Or so she thinks. She is awkward, shy, and the farthest thing from any semblance of a society lady.

The new minister keeps turning up in the most awkward of places and she can’t help but feel that her life is doomed to one of embarrassment. But will her flaws actually be the thing that others find the most attractive?

Sounds pretty dog-gone awesome. Then again, what else did I expect? My friend is pretty dog-gone awesome. This lady is as sweet as the honey from Pooh Bear’s honey pot and I can’t imagine my life without her. She’s become a very, dear friend–and can you believe we are a generation apart?! Friendships come in all shapes and sizes–ages–so, take it from me, DON’T limit yourself to one type of friend. Who goes to a buffet to eat only ONE thing?!

Pardon my squeals. Victoria is at the door! Let me go give her a hug and bring her in. Get comfy. Help yourself to the cookies on the counter. I asked her to share with you her own opinion on friendships. I think you’ll really enjoy what she has to say. I know I always do.



When asked to write on this topic for my guest post for this lovely lady’s blog, my mind swam with possible ideas, but most importantly, my heart swelled. I have been so blessed with incredible friendships. I also found that it worked in perfectly with the theme of this book, because interwoven with the story are some pretty powerful moments of friendship between Marjorie and her companions.

I have learned so much about being a friend in the last 10 years, but more so in the last 5. One of the most important things I have learned about friendship is how beautiful it can be if you just give it a chance.

Growing up, it’s a normal thing to want to have a friend your own age with which you do everything. You have the same hopes, desires, ages, and you find pleasure in the same things. And while that’s natural, I didn’t find friends like that until later in life. When I was a child, I always wanted a best friend. I pushed and prodded things into happening, hoping against hope that the next homeschool girl my age would be my best friend forever.

But friends came and went. We would meet a family, hang out for a bit, but then we would drift apart for some reason or other. I honestly believe that God let those things happen for a reason, and I am a better person and friend because of it. Not to mention, as a result I have amazing relationships with my sisters that I wouldn’t have had if I was busy with a bestie. I have had to seek friendships in places that I wouldn’t have thought would be a place to find a perfect friendship.

One of my best friends when I was little was ten years older than me. I look back now and am so grateful that she was willing to spend so much time with lil’ ol me. I looked up to her as a big sister and found great joy and wisdom in her company. To be honest, most of the friends in my arsenal of “got your back” besties until very recently were either older or younger than me.

God really blessed me with opportunities and people to sow into. There is one time in particular where a young girl of my younger sisters acquaintance was spending a lot of time at our house. Her older sisters were a bit AWOL when it came to their sisterly duties, and I really felt like instead of doing my own thing while she was visiting and letting my sister host, God wanted me to be an older sister to her in the absence of a relationship with her blood sisters. So much joy came from that experience. We had tea parties together, watched sappy hallmark movies together and just sat in a circle and talked and laughed until we felt like our guts were about to burst. So much joy from a relationship that most people wouldn’t even consider.


Even now, I find such joy in the multitude of diverse relationships that I am blessed with. Tammy is a dear friend of mine, and while we have a lot in common, we are also in very different stages of life. Tammy is a mama to three near adult children, she just moved to the UP, and she has so many crazy things going on in her life that I don’t. I am unmarried, with no kids and a full time job. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t relate to her, and I have found so much fulfillment in being a friend to Tammy, more so than I would have is she were a twenty-something.

This post has been so rambly, and while the perfectionist in me wants to fix it, part of me thinks it’s perfect just the way it is. You see, my point with this post is that you can find friendships in some of the most unusual places. And when you do, they can be so much more fulfilling and full of more joy and amazingness than you could have ever imagined.

So be that friend. Willing to be a friend to anyone. Even if they are younger than you, older than you, or don’t like the same TV shows you do. 😀 It’s worth it. ❤

I love you Tammy and can’t wait to see what God continues to do with our friendship.



Love you, too, girl! HUGS!!


Surprises! Surprises! Surprises!

To celebrate friendship and the release of her new book, Miss Victoria has some sweet and generous prizes to give away! Click “here” to visit Rafflecopter to enter!

When Beauty Blooms Giveaway final

As we wrap up this little gathering, please don’t let this be a forever goodbye. Please come back to visit. I’ll try to have the place looking better for you next time. Please, give Victoria a parting hug and promise to visit her again– perhaps on her website, Ruffles and Grace.

You can also find her on FacebookInstagram, goodreads, and Amazon.

Hugs! Thanks for visiting! I see I have a few cookies left. I’m going to go lay on the couch and read a bit of my buddy’s work. *Mumbles and crunches* To get your hands on a copy of When Beauty Blooms, by the stunning Miss Victoria Lynn, please zip on over to the Amazon and pick up a shiny new Paperback or Kindle version of your very own.

The blog tour continues! If you missed yesterday’s blog stop, please visit Madison at A Little Southern Grace. Tomorrow, swing over and visit Laura at Beautiful Things by Laura.

Ta-ta, my dears! Hope to see you again, soon. ♥️



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  1. Mumma Tammy! Long time no see!!

    My favorite flower is either rose, violet, lily of the valley, apple blossom… ooh, don’t forget daisy, aster, and clover… 😉 I can’t pick just one!!


    1. Hi, Annie-girl!! *Smothering HUG*. Those are all gorgeous! I can’t wait to plant flowers next spring around here. Hydrangeas are my complete favs and I have four. Me needs mooooore. ❤️


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