Ink Blotted Beka Artist Blog Tour

INk blotted beka


Who is Rebeka Borshevsky?

A love letter to my friend


Who is Rebeka Borshevsky?


She is a tireless supporter who uses her talents to edify her friends.


Who is Rebeka Borshevsky?


Rebeka is a sympathetic cheerleader gifted with a soft heart.

Who is Rebeka Borshevsky?


Rebeka is a loving friend who backs her words with action.


Who is Rebeka Borshevsky?


Rebeka sacrifically gives of her gifts to serve her friends.

Who is Rebeka Borshevsky?


Who is Rebekah Borshevsky? She’s my friend.  Thank you, dear one, for supporting me, my work, all my endeavors. Thank you for blessing me with your talents. Thank you for living out God’s Word for all to see. Love and hugs, dear one. ♥️


These are the AMAZING pics that Rebeka did for me. I love them sooooo soooo much! Did you know that now, YOU TOO can have pictures of your own? Rebeka is now taking commissions! If you would like to see YOUR characters come to life, let her know by visiting her on….




Rebeka also has a neat giveaway planned. Check it out HERE.


There are two more blogs where you can get to know Rebeka today. Please visit my bestie Savannah at Dragon Pen Press and my girl, Annie Twitchell.

Here are the list of stops. Be sure to give them all visit and tell them I said hi, will ya?

Oct. 1

Anne Louise Twitchell – Spotlight

Tammy Lash – Spotlight

Savannah J. – Spotlight


Oct. 2

Jenelle Schmidt – Spotlight

Bryn Schutt – Spotlight


Oct. 3

Skye – Spotlight

Katie Hanna – Spotlight


Oct. 4

Rebkah DeVall – Spotlight

Elizabeth Brown – Interview


Oct. 5

Penny Wood – Interview

Fran Laniado – Interview


Oct 6.

W.R. Gingell – Spotlight

Grace Mullins – Spotlight


Oct. 7

Rachel Rossano – Interview

Sarah – Spotlight


Oct. 8

Anna Willis – Spotlight

Grace Maples – Spotlight

Liv. K Fisher – Spotlight

Ann Marie Pavese – Spotlight

Until next time…see you soon! And please love, edify, and support one another. Love and hugs!


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