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Hey guys! I’m super stoked take part in a blog tour of one of my favorite Indie authors. I have been beyond blessed to be surrounded by the most amazing people. Indie’s are a supportive and loving bunch and the fishes that I swim with are THE BEST and are some of the most talented writers that I’ve had the pleasure of reading.

Now, honestly, I haven’t had chance to read much these days for reasons I promise I’ll try to handle with my next blog post. I have, however, got to read many works by my buddy before my new normal came to be. She has the most elegant hand. You know the feeling when you go in to get your hair cut? Ahhhhhhh….leaning back into the warm water to get your hair washed?  Then combed smooth? Fingers snippin’ and stylin’ your locks into sleepy perfection? Yeah, that’s Savannah’s writing for me. Maybe it’s because I can see her spirit behind the words. Maybe it’s because we are sisters in life’s circumstances and in our writing struggles. Whatever the reason, Savannah never fails to soothe my insides. Tomorrow she is releasing another story to add to her collection and, Lord willing, I’m hoping I’ll be soon well enough to pamper my soul with a new collection of my friend’s words.

I haven’t been involved in the beta process for this piece so I don’t know what is underneath the pretty blues of her cover. Let’s take a first peek together and nibble a bit on the insides of The Witching Hour- Part Two.


Witching Hour_Quote 

LOVE this graphic Savannah zipped over for me to share. Her characters in word are as colorful as their picture counterparts and her story worlds are deliciously dark and complelling. I often wonder what’s bouncing around in that petite head of hers. Thankfully, she’s here today to give us both a glimpse. Would you like to meet her? Friend, meet Savannah…


Thank you for inviting me over to talk about my newest release, a frolicking cat-fantasy with fairy tale themes and lots of giggles.

The original inspiration for this series came when I was trying to enter a Cinderella retelling for a contest about four years ago. Instead of a glass slipper, I wanted a glass city, instead of fairy godmothers and ugly stepsisters, I wanted wizards and evil beasties. There also wasn’t a kitty in this story. Which is probably the reason the story never went anywhere, because how could any story be complete without a cat?

Unfortunately, I never did anything with the story idea or the characters. When I heard about the Paws, Claws, and Magic Tales anthology in 2018, I went through some of my old notes to find a story idea that might be appropriate. There were two that jumped out at me, but this one grabbed hold and dug deep. What if there was a Kitty instead of a fairy godmother? GASP! Light Bulb! I ended up scrapping most of the Cinderella themes, so although you’ll still find the ball, the glass city, the fairy kitty, and the wizard…you probably won’t even recognize that it’s a fairy tale retelling.

Sadly, I didn’t have room to tell the whole story in under 10k. So after my contract with Fellowship of Fantasy expired, I wrote Part Two: Hound of Darkness to tell the rest of the story, about what happened after the fairy tale ending. Because, let’s face it, things don’t ever wrap up as neatly as we might like, and the story always continues. Hound of Darkness delves deeper into the world of Lite, dealing with the dangers that lie outside the walls, and with the courage and strength of heart hidden inside our intrepid heroes. It also deals with redemption and (what I hope is) a poignant reminder that everyone stands a chance of returning to the light, even those dog-eaten hounds.

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know Romeo and Pursy, Isabel and Ives, Cyril and Rose, Ash and all the rest of the cast as much as I did.

Witching Hour_Now Available


Thanks, Savannah! Now, let me share with you how to get your hands on The Witching Hour to experience her writing for yourself.  You can win it as part of this  awesome giveaway…

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..and for details how, you can visit ANY of my sister bloggers pages listed below! Please give Savannah a like and follow on her social media sites and take a look at her expansive range of work at Dragonpen Press. She offers author services, too, can you believe it? Told ya! I know some amazingly, talented peeps!


Until next time, friends,  HUGS and love!


Blog Tour Schedule:

March 18 – Realm Explorers

March 19 –Book Spotlight

March 20 – Book Review  

March 21 – Guest Post

March 22 – Character Interview

    Character Interview

March 24 – Character Interview

March 25 – RELEASE DAY

March 26 – Book Spotlight

March 27 – Book Spotlight

March 28 – Book Review

March 29 – Character Interview


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